Collection 1 - Coffee Tables Starter from 14$



18 mm MDF Lam Used

  The coffee tables are disassembled. Installation belongs to the customer.

  The package includes the installation diagram required for easy and fun installation, the material bag and the user manual compatible with the assembly scheme of all screws and accessories.

  You can easily install with simple hand tools.

  For fast and error-free installation, there are parts that are compatible with the installation diagram on the part.

Packaging of Coffee tables Collection 1

Installation of Coffee tables Collection 1

Collection 2 - PN

Zigon Coffee Table Features

All materials used are TSE approved, E1 quality and contain no carcinogenic substances and are antibacterial.

-Product top table is manufactured from 1st Class Mdf, membrane coated, easy to clean.

-Product feet is first class MDF

Delivery and Installation Information

- The feet of the product are disassembled.

-The installation belongs to the customer.

-Simple hand tools can be set up easily.

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